Sophisticated Retirement Withdrawal Analysis

Plan your retirement withdrawal rate with confidence.

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We offer both a free version for retirees and near retirees and a professional/sophisticated investor version for sophisticated investors, investment advisors and financial planners.

Backtested against market data

Use linear straight line assumptions and monte carlo analysis. Backtest against market data from 1928 to the present.

"Various Modeling Approaches"

Assess the impact of different withdrawal rates, withdrawal strategies (e.g., 4% rule, guardrails/curbs, etc...), investment strategies and costs.

"Develop a statistically safe withdrawal rate based on individual circumstances."

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Back test against historical data.

See the impacts of differing withdrawal rates and strategies, different investment strategies and costs and the impacts of various sequences of returns.

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See the impacts of changes in assumptions

Advanced charting vividly illustrates the differing outcomes.

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